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Software developer & web/ui designer

My name is Laszlo Lang and I am a software developer. I graduated from University of Pannonia on BSc in Business Information Technology. During my high school studies, I started to work in the IT. I made some graphical works and smaller PHP based websites. However I have only started to work in business conditions when I was at the university. By now I have worked with few companies in team and alone too. I love the IT and development and learn how to work with new technologies. I work as a freelance PHP developer only at the weekends and if it is necessary by nights because I have also a full-time job. If you need a website you can find me in the 'contact informations'.


  • April 2015 MB
    work greensmoke

    MagNet Magyar Közösségi Bank Zrt.

    UI/UX designer, Front-end Engineer & JavaScript Developer

    Last year, I decided to take more attention to front-end technologies. One of my task is to make better UX. We have a Java backend and I work on the JSF. (Primefaces) The Primefaces based on jQuery and we implement there an angular.js framework. And so on... :)

  • July 2013 GS
    work greensmoke

    Green Smoke Europe Kft.

    Magento, ZF2 Module Developer & Front-End Engineer

    Currently I am working here. I develop a Magento system and I got to know the EAV database model. I have participated in a corporate system that was based on the Zend Framework 2. I have some own projects in the way of promotion. Those are usually games, that were based on jQuery and Javascript. Their communication with the database is progressing via AJAX.

  • July 2012 VK
    work greensmoke

    Videoklinika Kft.

    PHP Developer & Front-End Engineer

    I was responsible for maintaining and developing the CMS of Videoklinika. The development was in PHP language with MySQL database. I had to know the Linux console for writing basic level bash scripts. In addition, I gained experiences in the Adverticum advertising system and in the Google Analytics and Adsense. Among others I got deeper knowledge in the Git version control system.

  • May 2011 Pann-tura
    work greensmoke

    Pann-tura Turistical Social Society

    PHP, Web Developer & Graphics Designer

    I had participated in designing and developing the entire CMS of Pann-tura. The CMS system developed in PHP language follows the Object-Oriented methods. We used the MVC architect. We had a lot of customer with unique requirements and we customized the CMS like that. Sometimes I had to do some graphical works for example business cards, brochures and logos. I worked with the Adobe Photoshop® and Corel Draw®.

  • June 2010 SenseNet
    work greensmoke

    Sense/Net Inc.

    Front-End Engineer & Portal Builder

    I had chance to work with the Sense/Net Inc. They are in association with the Microsoft®. I used some new technologies such as the Microsoft Visual Studio®, the TFS® system and ISS® server. I was in the support team. Most of my tasks were limited to build and maintain the Front-end. We worked in the SCRUM methodology. I spent so many time to debug the system that was written in JavaScript and AJAX.

  • June 2010 University of Pannonia
    work greensmoke

    University of Pannonia, Faculty of Information Technology

    Student :P · Business Information Technology

    I graduated from University of Pannonia on BSc in Business Information Technology in the spring of 2010.

  • November 2009 INweb
    work greensmoke

    INweb-Solutions Informatikai Szolgaltato Kft.

    PHP Developer

    I had worked in corporate environment first time in the InWEB team. We had different partner requirements and we had to design our websites like that. In the first few months I had built websites by PSDs but in the last months I had participated in the development of CMS system.

  • November 2001 Ps
    work greensmoke

    Adobe Photoshop 6.0

    I got to know the Adobe Photoshop 6.0® by a good friend. I started to work with this program but I just tried its functions. With using the internet I found so many informations and turorials to develop my skills. Without reading any book I learned how to use Photoshop® and its functions. I had been inspirated by the design that Apple Inc's used. After that I started to work as a freelance. By the time my graphical works envolved to hobby. Today I use that skills for my works in a professional level.

  • August 2000 Start
    work greensmoke

    Html & Turbo Pascal & DOS

    My father bought our first computer in 1996. After that there was no standing still. I got to know progressively the mysteries of IT. In 2000 in a library I found a book about the Turbo Pascal... I read it. I liked that so much so I decided to learn how to use it alone. (with a lot of struggle) After a while I wrote my first game in the Turbo Pascal under DOS. It was the classic Snake game similar like this. After that I got to know the HTML and CSS.



(my old portfolio)
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By now I have participated in more than 30 different projects. I love my job, it is my hobby too. After I finished univeristy immediately - next day - I got a full-time job. After that I started to work in 8 hours per weekdays. Sometimes I work or learn at the weekends if I have enough time in addition to my girlfriend and my family. If you need a website, a webshop, a portfolio, an online CV, you just want to change your homepage's design or anything else on this subject, tell me! I can help you or I can give advice. Later, if you trust me, I will make your site. You can see some technologies that I know and sites below I am proud of. After you click on their names, it gives you a few information about the site preparation, testing etc.